More Mujeres Cambia Masterpieces!


I’ve been working with Mujeres Cambia for about a month now and each week I am more impressed with the amazing progress I see from the group’s members. Each artist is coming into her own and developing her own style. Some beads are multi-colored and chunky, others are monochrome and so smooth they look like glass. Some design jewelry with colored accent beads others with wood. Some use intricate knots to add to the design, others don’t use any knots. Additionally, we’ve now recruited several new members and paired them up with the veterans who are teaching them the basics.

As for the business side…**Jessica** sold out of all of the necklaces she brought home to the U.S. and we have seven more orders in the works. All of this without a serious marketing push – just word-of-mouth! Paul and I are working on a brochure (hence the product shots), completing a digital inventory with photos, conducting time studies to see how long each piece takes, training members on business basics, establishing a group fund, and finding the best local suppliers for all materials.

These recent sales mean that members are that much closer to achieving the goals that each woman has set forth for herself including saving money to be able to return to university, pay medical bills, and provide a more balanced diet for her family.

So, as you can see we are incredibly fortunate to be working in the right place at the right time. As if you weren’t jealous enough – you should know that all of these photos were taken in either our back or front yards (our front yard being the beach).

Contact us if you’re interested in purchasing anything. Some of the pieces in the photographs have already sold but several are still available and as always we can make custom orders.

Enjoy, Mari & Paul







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