Cuenca Cityscapes: First Four Faves

We had an incredibly, amazingly, wonderfully fantastic time in Cuenca last week. We just got back to our site (it also feels terrific to be home!) but we already miss **The Lopez Coellar Family**, **Clare**, **Nikki**, **Juan Pablo**, **Jaime****Stephanie**, **Mathilde**, **Ben**, **Saira**, and **Matías the dog**!

I spent a magical summer in Cuenca when I was 16 years old (also as a volunteer) and I make a point to visit as much as I can. Can’t wait for the next trip!

Here are four of our first faves of cityscapes from the trip…

Enjoy, Mari






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3 responses to “Cuenca Cityscapes: First Four Faves”

  1. eliseblalock says :

    One of my students studied in Cuenca and goes on and on about how amazing it is. I would love to take a trip there to see it myself. Glad you had such a great time! I love the pics!

    • Mari says :

      It is a beautiful city and I highly recommend it! It’s hard to take a bad photo – the light in Cuenca is just surreal – many of my images show dark clouds but it actually glows. Glad yo like the pics!

  2. Grace says :

    These pictures are so gorgeous! I love the one of the mural on the brick wall.

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