Food, Glorious Food!


I guess I was right when I said that I would miss hot showers and food from home the most (besides people of course). When we lived in Brooklyn we were totally spoiled eating a different type of food every night for dinner. I still cooked when we lived in New York (not every meal like I do now) but it wasn’t the same. Not only did we have a kitchen with all modern conveniences but we had access to diverse markets, stores, and whole neighborhoods where we could buy specialty foods like Vietnamese rice paper wrappers, tamarind paste, and Indian spices.

That being said, with constraints comes creativity. Despite the lack of some resources (thanks to everyone who has been sending us food through the mail!) we have been able to continue experimenting with new dishes. My mom would be proud that I have been making fritatas on the stove and can finish them off in our new toaster oven. I made Pad Thai twice and the second time was the charm as I replaced vinegar for tamarind paste and soy sauce for fish sauce. We actually found sprouts and although it wasn’t as good as my favorite Thai place in Brooklyn, it was a little taste of home!

We were also excited to find fresh artichokes at the supermarket in the big city near us. I made an artichoke dip and served it with our new favorite chips – whole wheat pita chips we also found at the supermarket. Finally, I am most proud of the Masamun Curry (another Thai dish) I pulled off the other night. All it took was some coconut milk and creative spice replacements and it was almost as good as in NYC.

Happy cooking, Mari


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