Clare’s Visit

Although I wish it were longer, we packed a lot into **Clare’s** visit! The first day we took her to the climbing wall, introduced her to the folks at Neo Juventud, and showed her the Centro de Arte y Diseño.


That night, we had the pleasure of attending a town-wide screening of the film, “Santa Elena en Bus,” a film made by young people in 12 communities across Santa Elena with an organization called Film Arte Ecuador. Several of Neo Juventud‘s youth group members were involved and it was incredible to see the whole town come out to watch the film outside on the big screen. See the trailer here.

The next day, we decorated the Centro de Arte y Diseño for its Grand Opening and…


enjoyed some Palmar Pizza for lunch followed by the Centro de Arte y Diseño Grand Opening.


The next day, after a morning at Playa Rosada we headed over to the Mujeres Cambia meeting. As you can see, the women put her right to work as we are busy filling orders for the holidays.

Then, sadly, it was time to say adios. Thanks for a great visit **Clare** – we miss you!

Mari & Paul


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One response to “Clare’s Visit”

  1. clarecuador says :

    LOVED seeing you guys, and Max, and Palmar! It was an amazing visit; great to see the wonderful things y’all have been doing up close and in person. Miss you!

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