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Jaime Moore’s Not Just a Girl Project

Emma as Susan B. Anthony

When I was younger my mother called me “Susie.” Clearly, that’s not my name. Not even close. I used to tell her, “You should have named me Susan if you wanted to call me Susie.” So, why did she call me Susie? Because it’s short for Susan B. Anthony, of course.

I thought of my mom today when I saw the following series of images by Jaime Moore, a mother and photographer who is also a Susan B. Anthony fan. She took these portraits of her daughter Emma (click here to go to her website to see all of the images) on┬áthe ocassion of Emma’s 5th birthday to teach her about amazing women from history. Truly inspiring. I can’t wait to have a daughter one day so I can call her Susie and dress her like Amelia Earhart (also the subject of my first research report in fifth grade).

Enjoy, Mari

Emma as Amelia Earhart

Emma as Coco Chanel

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