The Nature of Ambition by Grant Snider


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3 responses to “The Nature of Ambition by Grant Snider”

  1. jodyboby says :

    Hola Grant and Mari,

    This is a wonderfully wise cartoon and touches my heart. You see, I am a pet-sitter working on the north Pacific Coast near Jama. Lisa forwarded your blog to me. Grant, what you say is so true….once you begin something out of love, as long as you remain in that spot in your heart and never forget the things which are your basic reason for being; loving and serving…(in my case, both humans and animals) you remain on the true path. But it is so easy to wander away into the no mans land of “progress”, when what you really desire and all you ever really need is the simple love you have had in your heart all along.


    • Mari says :

      Nice to “meet” you Jody! Glad the cartoon touched you. Just to clarfiy – I reposted this from The New Yorker. My husband is Paul and although he is talented he didn’t create this cartoon. Hope you are enjoying life on the coast and are following your heart! Take care, Mari

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