Index: Day 442 in Site


# of days since arriving in site


# of pairs of flip-flops Mari has worn out


# of drinking glasses Paul has broken


# of drinking glasses Mari has broken


# of drinking glasses Max has broken


# of ethernet cords Max has chewed


# of times Max has gotten unjustly blamed by a neighbor for doing something wrong


# of games Mari & Paul play each week


# of products Mujeres Cambia has logged into inventory


Amount in total Mujeres Cambia sales since Mari & Paul arrived


Average annual family income of a member before joining the group


% of meals Mari cooks from scratch


% of meals Mari cooks white rice


% of meals that the average Ecuadorian eats white rice


Average # of (small) bags of gummy bears consumed by Mari & Paul per week


# of online classes Paul has completed in the past month


# of design tutorials Mari completes on average per week


# of family art challenges completed


# of times Mari has cut Paul’s hair


# of times Paul has cut Mari’s hair



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5 responses to “Index: Day 442 in Site”

  1. Bruce MacKenzie says :

    # of photos Mari’s taken?

    • Mari says :

      Ha! Nice question, Bruce. Actually, I thought about including that but then it would mean counting them all and that might take all the time we have left in service to do…so, I skipped it this time. Thanks for reaching out! Take care, Mari

  2. Clare's Mom says :

    Where did I just see a Mujeres Cambia necklace with the long beads like the one in your picture? It must have been on the NewsHour, virtually the only TV we watch. I think one of the guests interviewed by Judy or Gwen was wearing it. Does anyone else remember seeing this necklace on the NewsHour?

    • Mari says :

      Really? I love Newshour but haven’t been watching it since we started service. I wonder if you remembered the date if I could research and find out. I imagine there are other groups that make the same style.

      • Clare's Mom says :

        Sorry, Mari–I don’t have any idea what day it was, or even what the topic was that this woman was an expert on. I’d say it was within the last week, though. My “does anyone else remember” question was directed at your other US readers, not you folks in Ecuador.
        I imagine other groups might be making this style too, but it was so distinctively “Mujeres Cambia” that I’d be surprised if it weren’t from them. Congratulations again on your group’s beautiful work!

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