Game On, Part II: Online

Online Games


I have so many memories of playing Tetris…whether it was on our old Apple IIE at home, on my friend’s TI-85 graphing calculator during class or watching my math teacher in sixth grade try to beat his high score on the classroom computer while we were supposed to be taking a test. Tetris is a game that will never get old.

Sometimes the simplest concepts are the ones that allow for the most creativity. There are countless iterations of Tetris now…along with the official ones there are several homages to this classic. Here are two imaginative examples of this in video.

The first video shows “The Original Human Tetris Performance by Guillaume Reymond,” and the second video shows “La Bastille” a version of the game that was played on the side of the Science Library (SciLi) at Brown University in 2000.

I was a student at Brown when they pulled this off…the SciLi was always a foreboding presence on campus and was the subject of many urban legends but as you can see in the video below, this one actually happened! Read more about how they pulled it off here. Excuse the poor quality of the video. What can I say? It was 2000.

Get your Tetris game on here for free.


Another oldie but goodie…one of the only games that came free with early versions of Windows. It’s a great logic puzzle and terribly addictive.

Get your Minesweeper game on here for free.

Pocket Full of Stars

Pocket Full of Stars is a beautiful game with relaxing music created by Ferry Halim and available on her Orisinal website. I don’t remember how I found this game but it helped me to not fall asleep during one of my first jobs out of college. It was the kind of job where you had to stretch half a day of actual work into a full work day and where they wanted you to look busy at all times. I laugh thinking about the 9-5 workplace model now with so many people working remotely. I do some of my best work after 10pm…I’m so glad I don’t have to be chained to a desk anymore!

Get your Pocket Full of Stars game on here for free.

You Don’t Know Jack

This trivia game will always remind me of college. I used to play with one of my college boyfriends and his friends on the computer before game consoles were as ubiquitous as they are now. The game always stuck with me as an example of a well-designed digital trivia game and I am actually surprised to see that it is still popular and now available on many different devices and on Facebook.

You can play a free online MTV Video Music Awards version here or visit

The World’s Hardest Game

This is one of Paul’s new favorite time-wasters on the web. While I’m not sure I would agree it’s actually the hardest game in the world, it is fun. Deceptively simple, you must move a red square safely through obstacles to green zones.

Get your World’s Gardest Game game on here for free.

Flow Free

Another elegantly simple and addictive game is Flow Free. All you have to do is fill up the game board by connecting the matching circles by drawing straight lines. I like playing the timed boards to see if I can beat my own record. This is also one that is available on many platforms including on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Get your Flow Free game on here for free.

Video Games Live

If you’re looking for a soundtrack to all of this game playing, check out Video Games Live – a symphonic approach to video game music from Tetris and Super Mario Bros. to Civilization. You can check out their live concert schedule here or listen to the NPR story from 2007 here (which is how I found out about it!).


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