Lions and Foxes and Bears, Oh My!

Max in Wolf's Clothing

The felt I ordered online arrived (thanks for sending Susie & Steve!), which meant we could start on felt projects like making masks! The kids loved this project and were excited to use a new material since felt is not very common here for projects. As you can see, we made several different types of masks from butterflies to lions. Even Max got in on the action and dressed up like a fox.

I found inspiration for the masks on Pinterest and created templates that you can download by clicking on the link below each image. The fox mask template (as seen on Max) I found at “She Knows” and can be found here.

To make sure the mask will fit – print the template at 100% and hold up to the wearer’s face. If it needs to be adjusted either print again at a different size or trace onto your felt a bit inside or outside of the template line.

Another good tip is to do the eyes last. To make sure the eye holes are placed well, have the wearer put on the mask and mark where their eyes are in magic marker before cutting them out. Then, cut out progressively larger eye holes and have the wearer keep trying it on until it fits!


Download Butterfly Template here.


Download Super Hero Template here.


Download Lion Template here.


Download Bear Template here.


Not Pictured:

Download Chick Template here and Bird Template here.


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