Making Shrimp Ceviche with the Host Fam


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5 responses to “Making Shrimp Ceviche with the Host Fam”

  1. Playamart - Zeebra Designs says :

    ok! that’s enough painting for today! i’m putting down my brushed and will fire up the magic carpet. shall i bring something to drink to go with that wonderful ceviche?!!!

    • Mari says :

      A glass of wine would be devine…alas, our internet went out and I just saw this comment – if only we could both fly. I’m going to post the recipe soon…take care!

  2. Clare's mom says :

    The entire meal looks delicious!
    I’ve only made ceviche in which the shrimp is “cooked” by lime juice–but it looks as if these shrimp are actually cooked?

    • Mari says :

      Yes, the Ecuadorian way is actually to flash cook or steam the seafood first although you can also marinate in the citrus juices that is more a Peruvian style. Both are delicious! I’ll be posting the recipe soon – it’s super easy!

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