DIY Project: Cloud Mobile, Part I

Cut Out Cloud Templates

Make Template

I drew these clouds freehand and cut them out of a cardboard cake box we had in the recycle bin. You can search the web for inspiration or go over to Pinterest like I did to see what other crafty people have done. I noticed many of the cloud mobiles looked alike so from the start I thought of ways to make mine unique. The first way is in mixing a more rounded cloud shape with an asymmetrical, flat-bottomed cloud shape.

Pin Templates to Felt

Pin Template to Felt

I pinned the templates onto a double layer of felt. This way, I only needed to make one cut to make two identical sides to each cloud. Some folks prefer to outline the template in marker or chalk and then cut but for me, it’s just easier to pin the template on and cut around it. It’s one less step and doesn’t make any marks on the felt.

Cut Both Sides Together

Sew Around Cloud Edge

Stuff Your Cloud

I used a sewing machine to sew a little more than halfway around the cloud edge. I wanted plenty of room to stuff the cotton batting and I knew I would be finishing off the straight edge by hand. You can also take the pillow approach and machine sew nearly all around the edge and then stuff the batting through the small opening but for me, this was easier. Also, I didn’t turn the felt inside-out but left the edge neatly cut with fabric scissors. A trick I’ve learned about stuffing batting is to use the end of a knitting needle to make sure that it is evenly stuffed and that it reaches into all of the nooks and crannies.

Pin Your Remaining Edge

Next Up: Embellish

I pinned the straight edge to prepare for the hand sewing part. Paul suggested I put a silver lining on the clouds and I found these silver sequins at our local craft shop (yes, we have local craft shops here!). Up next: embellishing your clouds with sequins, beads, and ribbon!


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