DIY Project: Cloud Mobile, Part II

Rainbow Cloud & Silver Lining

Sequins Close Up

I bought pre-strung sequins that I learned to sew on to the fabric from the “How Did You Make This” blog. I made one cloud with just a silver lining and the one above with a ribbon rainbow and a silver lining. Don’t forget to pin your ribbon inside of your cloud first before sewing on the sequins. I pinned the ribbons to one side of the felt and hand stitched them to keep them in place. My local craft store didn’t have the same thickness of ribbon in the colors I wanted so, combined with some ribbon I had at home, I chose to make the rainbow from different thickness of ribbons. My rule in almost any of my creative work – design, craft,  lo que sea is to either make everything uniform or make everything diverse. For example. I’d prefer to have a variety of ribbon sizes to having all colors the same size but one.


Ribbon and Bead Raindrops


I haven’t seen another cloud mobile with raindrops quite like this but as they say, necessity is the mother of invention. I found the big plastic blue beads at my local craft store and tried to use them with nylon/fishing line and then with thinner white ribbon but the raindrops kept falling (on my head). I had some of this thicker white grosgrain ribbon around so I tried with that and I liked how they turned out. I used hot glue to make a nice edge on the bottom and to make sure the ribbon wouldn’t fray. I hand stitched around the cloud with a contrasting dark blue embroidery floss. The beads are not glued – they can be moved up and down the ribbons.

Raindrops Close Up

Felt Raindrops

Big Raindrops

This style of felt raindrops is much more common if you search examples of cloud mobiles. I varied my string length and felt color to make it more interesting. I used the blanket embroidery stitch, which I think is more successful than my finishing on the bead raindrop cloud. Each felt raindrop is stuffed with a bit of batting, too. Make sure that there is some balance in the weights and size of each raindrop – this will help when you are hanging the clouds later. It’s all about balance when you’re putting everything together.

Big Raindrops Close Up

Blanket Stitch

Next up: Adding a hot air balloon and putting it all together!


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