Two Years Ago Today…

we landed in Quito to start our adventure as Peace Corps Volunteers! Now, two years later we are back in the States and reminiscing about the crazy, wonderful, surprising, challenging, and exciting time we spent in Ecuador. Here’s what two years looks like…

Enjoy, Mari & Paul

6 responses to “Two Years Ago Today…”

  1. mcmeeshi says :

    Truly beautiful video. Congratulations on finishing your service! We are just a few months behind you but in PC Jamaica.

  2. mcmeeshi says :

    Hi. Me again. Just wanted to let you know that we featured your video on our new travel blog, “Best Video by Peace Corps Volunteers Around the World”:
    Would love if you could share on facebook or pin the page. Take care. -Michelle

  3. nosleeptillbrooklynn says :

    I love this video! I leave for my service in Peru in a few weeks and after watching this I am beyond excited! It’s looks like y’all made some great memories and helped a lot of people.

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