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Brooklyn at Six Weeks

Brooklyn Six Weeks

Four Years of Blogging

It’s hard to imagine that four years have gone by since I started blogging regularly. That’s the same amount of time I spent in college. So, what has changed in the past four years for us?

Since April 2010, Paul and I have…

Wedding Image by Kristen Leigh Conklin

been engaged, married, and had a baby,

Charlie's Many Faces

traveled around the world from South Africa to South America and across the USA in Charlie the 1978 VW Camper Van,

NYC Skyline from NJ

left our home in Brooklyn, NY and then lived in 8 different places (including Charlie the Camper Van),


survived the extensive Peace Corps application process and then served as Volunteers in Ecuador for two years.

Click on the links above and enjoy the walk down memory lane!


My First Mother’s Day!


Brooklyn made me a mama a little over a month ago and we celebrated all weekend starting with Paul’s very generous present of a new camera lens to mark the occasion! I used the new lens to take the photo above of Brook and the one below of the beautiful breakfast in bed that Paul made me on Saturday.


Our long-standing tradition is to celebrate Mother’s Day with a brunch and this year was no different except for Brooklyn’s appearance.




After brunch we spent some time at my parents’ house and I enjoyed some quiet time before my niece Talia’s dance recital.


Talia shone like the star that she is in her ballet and tap dances. A wonderful conclusion to my first Mother’s Day celebration. Hope you and yours had a wonderful weekend, too.


Enjoy, Mari

Happy Mother’s Day!

For every view of the “Youre Doing OKMom” video, $1 will be donated to Save the Children.

Have a very happy Mother’s Day!

New Mom: Mari

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