Made with Code

Google has committed $50 million to inspire women of all ages to join the technological revolution. The video above is part of this initiative called, “Made with Code” to encourage a new generation of female coders.

As the mom of a baby girl, I often think about how we can expose Brooklyn to as many diverse experiences as possible to see where her natural talents lie before other voices try to convince her that she can’t. I didn’t grow up thinking I was somehow limited because I was born a girl – in fact, I always pushed myself to show the world that I could hold my own in any context – surrounded by boys or girls or both. I’m proud of both my right-brain and my left-brain skills and I hope that I can inspire my daughter to be the same way.

Since Paul has entered into the coding world, we’ve been even more cognizant of the dearth of female coders in particular and of the representation of women in the STEM professions more generally. Perhaps Brooklyn will grow up to love science, technology, engineering, and math or maybe she will want to focus on other passions – either way I hope she knows that all doors are open to her, thanks to the trailblazing women who have come before her.

Enjoy another video from Made with Code below that shows the intersection of technology and dance. What a great mix of right- and left-brain!

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