Recommended Watching: Three Docs

 Documentaries to Watch

I’m currently reading Daniel Pink’s book, Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, and his main point so far is that what motivates human beings is no longer carrots or sticks. Rather, what people are seeking most are intrinsic motivators like the need for self direction, the need to learn and to create, and the need to do and be better.

Three documentary films that I have recently watched touch on some of these topics. Each film profiles individuals who are striving to be their best – the best young chess player in the case of Brooklyn Castle, the best video game player in the case of Free to Play, and emulating one of the best painters from history in the case of Tim’s Vermeer.

Each film explores the lengths that each person will go to in order to be at the top of their game. The time, dedication, and sheer talent shown in each of these examples is inspiring. I recommend watching any of these films if you need a little extra motivation.

Enjoy, Mari

Brooklyn Castle


Free to Play


Tim’s Vermeer



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2 responses to “Recommended Watching: Three Docs”

  1. Bruce MacKenzie says :

    Thanks for the recs and the reflection on drive –esp a propos in retirement!

    • Mari says :

      You are very welcome, Bruce! I am enjoying reading “Drive” – I gave it a shot because I appreciated one of Daniel Pink’s other books, “A Whole New Mind” and I heard him speak in Washington, DC as part of Arts Advocacy Day one year. He makes a strong case that right-brain skills are just as important and may be more important to encourage and develop in the changing economic landscape. Definitely a worthwhile read, as well. Enjoy! Mari

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