The Day the Earth Stood Still

Brook Looking Up

This time last year, almost to the minute, I was looking into the face of our daughter for the first time. Although I had been in labor for almost two days, I was surprised by how quickly it all happened in the end. They lay her on my chest and she was so soft and warm and clean and new. I think I cried. I think I smiled. More than anything, I remember how right it all felt. How I already knew this little person. She had been a part of me and was now a part of me out in the world.

I guess that’s how other mothers feel about their children and why it must be so painful when they grow up and leave. It’s like a part of you is missing – walking around out there in the world.

Until then, I’ll enjoy the time we have together. I feel so grateful to have this kind, curious, intelligent, funny, and strong little lady in my life.

Happy First Birthday, Brooklyn!

I love you.



One response to “The Day the Earth Stood Still”

  1. Clare's mom says :

    It’s hard to believe she was born a whole year ago. Happy birthday, Brooklyn!

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