Mari & Paul

Partners for Peace = Mari & Paul. We met in 2007, got married in 2010, served in the United States Peace Corps from 2012-14 in Ecuador, and became parents in 2014. Follow our love of adventure and our adventure of love.

14 responses to “Mari & Paul”

  1. Jen Afdahl Rice says :

    I’m so excited for you all and your move to Ecuador! My friend Penny who is in NYC now spent 2 terms in Panama and loved it…hope you have an equally amazing experience in Ecuador!

  2. sznov says :

    Thanks for posting pics of the Treehouse!
    I have some new pics with a modern interior that you might like as well.

    Good luck in Ecuador.

    Steve Novy

  3. Christian says :

    Hola, Mari y Paul espero les vaya muy bien su su sitio en la provincia de Santa Elena, en verdad fue un placer tenerlos en casa porque fueron parte de la familia; se extrañará los juegos como 500, 1000, Pandemia, Banana Grams, etc; en fin le deseamos lo mejor de parte de la familia Escobar Salazar (Gloria, Juan y Christian). Esperamos poder volver a verlos y compartir con ustedes.
    Abrazos, Christian.

    • Mari says :

      Gracias Christian! Extrañamos a toda la familia Escobar Salazar – un fuerte abrazo a tu mama especialmente. Estamos bien en nuestro sitio – pintando la casa y trabajando con el grupo de jóvenes. Gracias por todo has hecho por nosotros. Ojala puedes ganar el proximo juego de 500 o 1,000 contra Juan! Hasta pronto, Mari

  4. thiscrazyhope says :

    I’m a volunteer in Eastern Europe… I love your blog and all the details of how things are done in Ecuador! Especially all your community art projects- are you YD or CD volunteers?

    • Mari says :

      Thanks for the note! It is so great to hear from fellow PCVs. We are actually technically Natural Resources Conservation Volunteers – me in Environmental Ed and Paul in Business Advising. My background is mainly in Youth & Families and creative entrepreneurship so that´s a lot of what I´m doing here. Thanks for reading and best of luck! Take care, Mari

  5. eliseblalock says :

    Hi Mari and Paul! I think what you are doing in Ecuador is pretty incredible so I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award. Everyone should read about you opening a pizza parlor. If you are interested in the award, you can learn more at Have a great weekend!

    • Mari says :

      Wow! This is SO nice! Thank you – we really appreciate it! We have not had internet for a while so we are just catching up with stuff now. I love that you can pre-publish things so that when we have a blackout in our town we can still be communicating to the outside but it´s also strange! Anyway, thanks for this. We truly appreciate it, Mari

  6. eliseblalock says :

    Hi Mari! Each week I do an abroad blog the week highlighting a blogger who is currently abroad. I was wondering if you would be game to be next week’s ABOW and do a virtual interview with me. Send me an email if you are up for it. Thanks!

  7. eliseblalock says :

    HI Mari and Paul! I hope you both are doing well! I just nominated you for a One Lovely Blog Award. Check out for all the info. Enjoy the conference next week!

    • Mari says :

      You are so sweet! We are having a blast at our conference and we have some exciting news we will be sharing about Mujeres Cambia when we get back. We truly appreciate your support. Thanks again, M

  8. Nathalia Erazo Jimenez says :

    Hola Mary.. me encata ver su trabajo estoy muy feliz por ustedes mandale una abrazo enorme a Paul, cuando vengan a Quito me encataria verles y conversar… mi vida cambio después de entrenamiento, estuve embarazada durante la mitad de su entrenamiento no supe hasta después de su juramento ahora tengo una bebé hermosa que se llama Eva… Les mando una Abrazo enorme .. Saludos Nathalia

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