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Travels in Charlie: The Movie

Charlie’s Many Faces

Charlie the Camper Van’s Cousin!


Visiting our friend **Reed** in North Carolina we happened upon several of Charlie the Camper Van’s cousins as we have on the road from time to time. This was just one of them with his faithful owner. We love VW people!

Enjoy, Mari & Paul

Charlie in Brooklyn

Paul and I returned to Brooklyn to catch up with friends and to introduce our new home {Charlie} to our old one. We had a blast staying with **Arlene** and**Jason** and seeing **Kat** and **Jeremy**.

On our way out of town after the short visit we hosted a picnic in Cobble Hill Park so more friends could meet and enjoy Charlie. Here are a few memorable pics from that picnic.

Enjoy! Mari & Paul

Picnic Tomorrow in NYC!

We’re back in Brooklyn for just a few days and would love to see your smiling faces if you’re in the area.

Drop in anytime between 1-5pm for food, fun, and tours of Charlie the Camper Van.

Click on the image above to RSVP.

Bring a drink or food of your choice, friends, and a camera (Charlie is pretty photogenic).

Hope to see you there!
Mari & Paul

Abby and Ethan

Just as we were leaving Massachusetts (for the second time), we got a chance to visit with **Melissa** and **Mike’s** little darlings: **Abby** & **Ethan**. They are both HUGE Charlie the Camper Van fans and had been waiting for their chance to climb inside the big green giant.

**Abby** was even wearing the perfect shirt for the occasion, a picture of a green VW van with the tag line: “Happy Camper.” I’m so glad we could make happy campers out of **Abby** & **Ethan** at their beautiful new home. Enjoy, Mari

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