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Vote Early…Vote Often!

To celebrate Election Day – here are some screen shots of an amazing interactive infographic chronicling the history of Women’s Political Rights Around the World.  Made by Lizzie Malcom, you can visit the complete, interactive visualization here: http://lizziemalcolm.com/777voting/940/.

Get out the vote! Mari


Women's Political Rights 1892


Women's Political Rights 1920


Women's Political Rights 1945



Women's Political Rights 2013


Video Infographic: How The Stock Exchange Works

Infographic: Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise


Thanks to the folks at the YouthActionNet Blog who posted this infographic from GOOD Magazine. Amen!

Happy 50th Anniversary Peace Corps!


Enjoy this infographic I made to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps!

Peace, Mari

{Click on image to open a larger version.}

Sources: Peace Corps Website Fast Facts, National Archives

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