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Montage of Montages

Part of the reason I’ve been too busy to post is because I’ve been making a lot of video montages like the one above. I make these tribute videos for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, nonprofits, and lately a lot of Bar Mitzvahs.

In addition, I work on branding events including logo design, place cards, t-shirts, stickers, giveaways, and personalized gifts. Recently, I designed place cards meant to look like NFL tickets, a vintage logo for a 40th birthday, a surprise tribute video, and everything you can imagine for Brooklyn’s first birthday (lots of images coming soon).

In the video you’ll see a taste of the kinds of animations and transitions I use in my videos with some clips from families (including my own!) who let me share their images.

Enjoy, Mari

Finding Balance…


How appropriate to get back into the swing of things on the blog than with a video webinar I participated in on the topic of Work/Life Balance. In particular, this conversation centered around the particular challenges for social entrepreneurs but I think our discussion applies to anyone who is looking to find equilibrium with their career and personal life.

The International Youth Foundation and YouthActionNet hosts these webinars – check out their YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/YouthActionNet.

More on this soon…but it’s been an absolute crazy time for me both working freelance and taking care of our now 14-month old (!) daughter. Often, it feels like having more than 2 full-time jobs. Hence, the break from posting on this blog.

But, now I’m back. Some of my freelance projects are coming to their conclusions and I’ve decided to scale back on saying yes to more clients. It’s a nice position to be in – being able to choose your work – and right now with everything going on it’s the best way for me to stay balanced.

Enjoy, Mari


Thanks to the hard work of my talented husband, my new portfolio site is done! Check out what his programming skills combined with my photography and design skills look like.

Click on an image or visit: www.marisacatalinacasey.com directly.

Enjoy, Mari




600th Blog Post

For the 600th Post I thought I would look back at 10 of my favorite posts from over 4 years of blogging. Click on the title to see the original post.

Enjoy, Mari


We’re Engaged!

I think this is the first video on the blog – fitting since I signed up for my first WordPress blog to keep in touch with folks about our wedding. Once the wedding was over (which was quickly since we were married within 3 months of our engagement) I realized I liked posting and sharing so I started Partners for Peace and the rest is…



Charlie’s Namesake

This post is dedicated to Charlie, the namesake of our VW Camper. Our world lost one of its most beautiful souls this summer. Although Charlie the man…the myth…my best pen pal is no longer with us, his memory lives on in so many of us that he touched with his writing, photography, and conversation. I learned so much from Charlie and I think it will always hurt to know that he isn’t here to swap stories with anymore. In a way, my correspondence with him that started when I was in high school was the precursor to this blog. Thank you, dear friend. You are missed.

Watch This Now

There are times when someone else says something so much better than I ever could…that’s why I like to share TED Talks. Here are a few worth checking out, especially if you need some inspiration.




Louie Schwartzberg of Moving Art created this little film with a big message.

A Day in the Life

One of my Peace Corps posts that illustrates what life was really like during our service.



Happy Third Anniversary

So many memories. So little time. That’s what videos are for.

David Foster Wallace’s This is Water

Another example of someone explaining a concept far better than I ever could. I think of this message often – especially when someone cuts me off or isn’t at their best. The world needs more compassion. As Wallace says, we have a choice in the way we see the world.

Five Recycled Art Projects

This post brings back memories of the Recycled Art Workshop that the Peace Corps Ecuador office hosted. This was one of the most informative and entertaining workshops we attended.

Sweet Dreams: Photography by Queenie Liao

I’d like to do a project of photos of Brooklyn but who can compete with Queenie Liao? I’ve seen similar projects but this is (in my humble opinion) the most successfully executed one of them.



Two Years Ago Today

Amazingly, this was one of the easiest videos I have ever created and perfectly sums up our Peace Corps Experience.

Top Twenty of 2013

Here’s a rundown on some of our favorite images from 2013. Just like for 2012, we decided to do the Top Twenty because we couldn’t decide on a Top Ten.

Enjoy & Happy New Year!

Mari & Paul


Best Abstract

Abstract Clouds

Abstract Pants


Best Vacation Postcard

Puerto Engabao

Galapagos Landscape


Best Max

Max Tongue



Best Silly Moment

Mujeres Cambia Fans



Best Mari & Paul Moment

Mari & Paul

Mari's Birthday Kiss


Best Frame

Frankie & Jess in Galapagos

Paul at Guayasamin's House


Best Animal

Galapagos Crab

Galapagos Sea Lion


Best Aerial Photo

Mujeres Cambia Table

Palmar Roof Shot


Best Bird

Galapagos Red Eyed Bird

Galapagos Bird in Flight


Best Interacting with Nature

Paul Cascada

Galapagos Splash

Top Twenty of 2012

Last year we welcomed 2012 with this video post and in 2010 I counted down my Top 10 Images from that year. I had quite a few ties that time around so to save me from having to choose, I’m going to do the Top Twenty Images from 2012 (according to me).

Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year!



Best Interacting with Nature

Paul and Heather Hike

Minga in Esmeraldas


Best Pattern

Vivero Funditas



Best Abstract

Zig Zag Sky

Quito Posters


Best Ecuadorian Moment


Cumpleaños Feliz...


Best Vacation Postcard

Blue Footed Booby

Pelican Perch


Best Frame

Cuenca Window View



Best Group Photo

Mujeres Cambia Group Shot

Neo Juventud


Best Aerial Photo

View from Above



Best Night Photo

El Castillo



Best Boat Photo

Boat on Beach

Boat Next Door

We Made the Evening News!


A camera crew from the local ABC affiliate came by the house the other day to interview us about our forthcoming Peace Corps Service. While the result (see above) shows only a fraction of the interview with me and Paul, it was a chance for us to fulfill part of the Peace Corps’ mission to educate people in the United States about the countries in which volunteers serve. The first part of the video is a clip of us opening up the Big Blue Envelope and finding out where we would be placed and when.

After the excitement of taping and seeing ourselves on the news we’re back to packing, Skyping, enjoying hot showers, and trying to eat our favorite foods before we leave.

Peace, Mari & Paul

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